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There will be four seasons – each will get more progressive in respects to exploring more art forms

Season 1

Invasion of the Hatchables

Invasion will see the release of the first batch of Hatchables. 331 of them each unique with different characters.

They will be exlusive to OpenSea

Season 2

Night of the
Living Egg

Season 2 will see te release a batch of 256 new Hatchables and the drop of the first 100 hatched NFTs.

Even better. Season 2 will bring in an animated series.


Season 3

Hatch 3D

Season 3 will release a new batch of 160 Hatchables. It will also intiate the 2nd Hatching releasing 75 hatched NFTs.

Season 3 will bring in the 3D series.


Season 4

The Final Hatch!

Season 4 will deliver the last drop of 50 hatched NFTs. There will be no ability to purchase any new Hatchables

At this point get ready for Phase 2!

Season 1 numbers and pricing

Season 2 numbers and pricing

Season 3 numbers and pricing

Season 4 numbers and pricing

Season 1


Season 1 sees the drop of the first set of 331 unique  Hatchables exlusively on OpenSea from 09 April at 20:00 UTC.

Each Hatchable will have its own set of characteristics and differing levels of rarity and hatchability.

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Learn more about the project, the drops, rarity and pricing. Also run through our FAQs which should answer all those burning questions and explain how the hatching process will work.



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