• Minted 15% 15%
  • Hatched 0% 0%


What is a Hatchable?

A Hatchable is a cute but deadly NFT experience. A hybrid of hand crafted and digitally generated 8-bit art NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that bring collecting, trading and gaming together.

  • There will only ever be 1000 Hatchables, each unique and with its own characteristics
  • 756 will be available for you to acquire & incubate, some rarer than others.
  • 225 will be dropped to holders should your egg hatch
  • The remaining 19 are reserved to help the community grow by giving back

It’s what you get when you combine art, technology and the inner youth of a group of three lifelong friends with an everlasting love for the good old times.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are “one-of-a-kind” assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other asset or item. Unique and can’t be replaced with something else. When purchasing an NFT, you acquire both the unerasable ownership record of an asset and access to the actual asset. NFTs are gathering extreme popularity right now with the most famous one fetching upwards of $60 million.

Why should I get a Hatchable?

The designers of Hatchables understand that in the macro NFTs are one of the biggest technology shifts and shift in cultural norms of our lifetime and in the micro a lot of NFT purchases are bought for trading. Hatchables were created to offer a long-term outlook backed with a strong development pipeline to cater for both the collector and the collectibles trader.

Hatchables are:

  1. Not only rare and unique but most importantly look exquisite and will look good in your wallet
  2. They are retro, iconic and born of gaming culture – everyone loves a bit of nostalgia
  3. They offer a chance of unlocking free NFTs based on the probability of each egg hatching
  4. The team are committed to continuous development and growth of what is being termed the PixelSuperverse. After the initial drop of 756 Hatchables, there will be no more Genesis Eggs. These Genesis Eggs will create the main characters that inhabit the PixelSupervere, but the Universe will grow in other ways thus allowing for continued development whilst maintaining desirability in the original NFTs, the Hatchables
  5. Community led, the creators know that the most innovative ways to progress the universe will come from the community and will engage the community on future direction, with pioneers being rewarded with greater say and influence in the direction. The higher the participation levels the greater the possibility of being brought into the inner fold
  6. The creators of Hatchables are involved in not only creating art but also developing the platforms, collecting and trading crypto art. They see this as a dream come true, combining their interest in collectables, art and technology
  7. Hatchables are here to spread; compassion, empathy, trust, education and ultimately value to the Hatachables community
  8. The team want you to be part of a long-term vision that will keep you engaged, entertained and ultimately offer an exciting opportunity to be part of something epic
How do I acquire a Hatchable? Can I get more than one?

Season 1 – Invasion of the Hatchables will be exclusively available on OpenSea.

Yes you can get more than one. It will also increase the chances of you getting more Hatches.

How will it hatch and how do I know if mine will hatch?

There are four types of Hatchable and each type has a Hatchability likelehood – Epic, Super Rare, Rare and Uncommon.

Type Hatchability Example
Epic 500% If you have an Epic your Hatchable will hatch 5 times.
Super Rare 100% If you have a Super Rare your Hatchable is guaranteed to have one hatch.
Rare 50% If you have a Rare there is a 1 in 2 chance your Hatchable will hatch.
Uncommon 25% If you have an Uncommon there is a 1 in 4 chance your Hatchable will hatch.

The hatching process is Seasonal, there will be Four Seasons in Phase 1 of the Hatchables Project. A hatch will be initiated in each Season after the initial drop. Each season will be progressive and will explore new art forms.

At the designated time of the Hatch we will collect all addresses of Hatchable holders and run a random selector against the various types of Hatchable. We will announce the winning addresses on the hatchables website and the hatched NFT will be made available for each winning address.

A little more info about the seasons and numbers can be found here.

What if my egg doesnt hatch?

Hatchables are part of a much larger vision. Something we are terming the PixelSuperverse. If your egg doesn’t hatch do not despair, this is just the opening chapter of something epic and you will still have one of the Genesis Eggs! 😉

What if I trade my Hatchable before the Hatch date?

Whoever has the Hatchable at the time and date of the Hatch witll get the Hatched NFT. We will be checking addresses.

What will it hatch into?

The million dollar question!

From Hatch Labs – “There is no current determination on what the egg would hatch into but each egg seems to bear with it clues. Some at Hatch Labs are speculating aliens, mythical creatures, super hoomans and even mutants.”

What is for sure is that, what the eggs hatch into will determine the next set of species that will inhabit the PixelSuperVerse.

What is the PixelSuperverse?

It will be the next evolution of the Hatchables Project. We need to keep some things close to our chest for now but think big!

Do you have a roadmap?

Yes. We will be lanunching the roadmap soon. Watch this space!

How can I keep up with developments?

Hatchables is designed to be community led, our focus for the project is to grow a community that feels empowered, involved and appreciated. You can discuss and influence decisions by following us on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and our Website for the latest development.